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RSO Oil for Sale - Buy Rick Simpson Oil

Our Rick Simpson Oil is made and sold in California. We are committed to making a real difference to people's health. We are continually striving towards building the foundation for a healthy life. We provide our customers with the best RSO support available.

If you’re looking to Buy Rick Simpson Oil for sale in California, we are pleased to be able to provide you the best information on Rick Simpson Oli and deliver you RSO oil in a safe and efficient manner.

We have been fortunate enough to be able to hear and witness a lot of amazing RSO stories from survivors battling cancer and many other dreaded diseases. Our ultimate goal is to spread hope and healthy living for everyone. Without using pharmaceutical drugs and spending lots of money that can causes you additional health issues. Call us now with any questions you might have and if you want to buy Rick Simpson oil that we offer for sale.

Do you know who Rick Simpson is and the RSO oil price?


Rick Simpson is a Canadian medical marijuana activist who created a cannabis oil formula to treat his skin cancer for 22 years. Rick claims the oil-cured cancerous growths on his face and neck. Since then, many companies have developed similar formulas under the Simpson name.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a cannabis-derived oil, which presents a very high quality cannabis concentrates of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol is one of at least 113 cannabinoids identified in cannabis). If you buy Rick Simpson Oil, it has wide therapeutic and medicinal uses and helps you fight the variety of diseases and its symptoms.

You may see RSO OIL FOR SALE in many places, but it is nothing more than an isopropyl alcohol soak of plant material with some other solvents like ethanol or butane, then heat is applied to evaporate the alcohol. The result is a viscous oil, where the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other cannabis molecules were dissolved.

The effectiveness of the RSO oil will be determined by the quality of the flower and the commercial grade alcohol used. For this reason, it is recommended to use varieties whose cannabinoid content has been shown to be effective against dreaded diseases like cancer.

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Pricing: 1-9 grams ($37/gram + $8 Shipping)
10-19 grams ($32/gram + $8 Shipping)
20-99 grams ($27/gram + Free Shipping)
100+ grams ($23/gram + Free Shipping)

Expected benefits after buying the Rick Simpson Oil

However, we have been receiving positive feedback for years around the globe that cannabis could be a powerful tool in fighting cancer and the damaging effects of its treatment. In a 2014 study examining the effects of THC and CBD extracts in conjunction with radiation therapy on cancer laboratory mice, researchers found that cannabis increased the efficacy of radiation treatment.

Rick Simpson Oil has been tested for 15+ years by more than 6,000 patients. These patients included patients of all kinds of dreaded diseases like: leukemia, diabetes, epilepsy, melanomas, tumors, chronic pain, bacterial or viral infections, warts and a wide variety of cancers.Theharmless non-addictive natural medication(RSO)has been used to treat the following conditions:

  • Treatment of skin cancer, brain cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, etc.
  • Controls and prevents epileptic seizures
  • Insomnia, also improves the quality and longevity of sleep
  • Very effective against glaucoma
  • Improves appetite
  • Delays Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases
  • Treatment of inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s
  • Improves and strengthens cardiovascular health
  • Relieves anxiety and stress
  • Relieves chronic pain
  • Control epileptic seizures
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Relieves pain from Multiple Sclerosis
  • Relieves arthritis
  • Reduces glaucoma, etc.

Please be careful of scams online that sell fake Rick Simpson oil for sale. Many of these sites sell hemp-based CBD oil which is not the same as RSO oil, and has little effects against diseases like cancer. CBD oil is not the same as Rick Simpson oil. On the one hand, CBD oil is extracted from hemp and only contains CBD, while Rick Simpson oil is produced from marijuana with a high content of THC, so neither the effects are the same, nor the legal situation. 

Simpson states that their oils contain between 2% and 6% CBD, but emphasizes that the 50% – 70% THC content must be high in order to treat cancer.

Rick Simpson created a dosage formula that is based on consuming 2 ounces (60 grams) of RSO in 90 days. Each day of these 3 months 3 doses are consumed, spaced 8 hours apart, starting with minimum doses of the size of a grain of rice, and doubling the dose every 4 days until reaching a daily consumption of one gram, per month or so, and from then on, one gram per day distributed in 3 times until the end.

It is a very objective dosage, as the effect can vary depending on the weight, tolerance and THC level of the cannabis strain used. However, it is a good reference as a starting point and, from this dosage, you can choose the one that best suits you.

How to use Rick Simpson Oil Safely?

RSO sale is generally not for smoking. It is consumed in the following ways:

  • Sublingually: It’s the fastest form of absorption. You put a drop under the tongue and hold it for a minute or two
  • Topically: It’s the best way to use Rick Simpson’s oil to treat skin diseases, the affected area is rubbed so that it is absorbed
  • Ingested: Some people dose the RSO into capsules that are then swallowed. This way it takes an hour or more to take effect
  • Vaporized: Usually diluted in terpenes to use this way of consuming Rick Simpson’s medicinal oil
  • Smoking: There are people who spread it on paper, but it is not very advisable. If you want to smoke it, it’s better to do it with a dab and at a low temperature
  • Anally: It’s a less widespread way, but there are also those who use it for stomach problems

Recommendations - Where To Buy Rick Simpson Oil

Don’t buy it on the street: When you buy cannabis oil on the street, not only are you more likely to waste your money, but you also put your health at risk. Because you’re not sure if it is a truly authentic marijuana extract as you get with our Rick Simpson Oil Buy experience.

RSO is a dark sticky oil and comes in a 1 gram syringe.

Reputable stores: It is best to buy in stores that have a good reputation and / or knowledge on the subject.

Pure or mixed: In some scenarios, you can find drops of 100% pure cannabis- for example at, we sell high quality Rick Simpson Oil. In other cases, you can find them mixed with low grade alcohol, or with other essential oils. It depends on you what type of oil you want, for what, and in what concentration.

RSO Treatment

Rick Simpson Oil for Sale

BENEFITS OF RICK SIMPSON OIL Rick Simpson Oil for Sale is continually garnering attention as a result of its numerous benefits. RSO is widely used for the treatment of cancer and many other health conditions and lots of people are

RSO Treatment

At RSO California

BENEFITS OF RICK SIMPSON OIL Rick Simpson Oil for Sale is continually garnering attention as a result of its numerous benefits. RSO is widely used for the treatment of cancer and many other health conditions and lots of people are

RSO Treatment

RSO Tested and Reliable

Rick Simpson Oil is a well-known and medically proven solution for the treatment of diverse illnesses and diseases. With the many health benefit of medical marijuana; lots of people around the world have been depending on RSO for health reasons.

Why Us?

RSO Treatment

We are your go-to source for your Rick Simpson Oil in California. We place great value on the health of our customers and our utmost goal is to see that you have the health support every time and everywhere you

What our Customers say

RSO has not only been a life saver for me, but also for my family and for that I am so thankful for to Rick Simpson Oil California.

Since starting RSO my pain has been drastically reduced and my energy level has greatly improved.


At Rick Simpson Oil California, we produce and distribute Rick Simpson Oil to customers both locally and internationally. We always prioritize our service to customers which is why our primary concern as a company is to provide quality RSO products to our customers at all times. At RSO California, we make sure that our products are of top quality. We offer RSO Oil for sale…..

Nemke’s only regret was that his father did not start with the Rick Simpson Oil California protocol earlier, at the time of his diagnosis. He believes the results would have been even better if his father had started RSO use before his cancer had progressed and spread. In retrospect, he wishes Zeka would have started the RSO treatment at the time when the disease was first apparent in his body.

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