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rick simpson oil recipe

How To Make Rick Simpson Oil

How to Make RSO At The Comfort Of Your Home

Rick Simpson Oil, or what it is widely known as RSO, is a cannabis concentrate used for many different and various medical benefits, including relieving cancer symptoms for which it is most popularly known.

 It has a thick, syrupy consistency and can be applied as a topical to any parts of your skin or consumed in food or drinks.

In this article we’ll go over and learn who Rick Simpson himself is and why he created this oil, what was his idea behind it, how it is used with care, and how to make your own Rick Simpson oil at home without any hassle and with a lot of care.

Rick Simpson Oil, particularly named after the man who made it famous, is often advertised in online forums as a cancer treatment, pain killer, and a treatment for many other serious illnesses and at times it is even known as a miracle cure.

While the evidence on those claims is unreliable at best, specifically with regards to cancer, it remains a product of great interest but at the end of the day, still remains doubtful. 

However, it requires a large amount of cannabis and a great deal of care to make this oil at home.

Before trying the following, It is best considered to consult a physician before beginning any such treatment and know about the laws at the place you reside in whether RSO is legal or not.

That being said, with a little education, one can make a highly pure RSO at the comfort of their homes in the best way possible. 

Rick Simpson himself mentions that it’s as nearly as easy as brewing coffee. 

Benefits of RSO

It is important to keep in mind that there are currently no scientific proven benefits of RSO that confirms its efficiency. 

Nevertheless, it is mainly used to help treat skin cancer, and many people report that it helps relieve symptoms of other conditions and also relieves excruciating pain.

Compared to other forms of cannabis, RSO is great because it’s very easy to make, it’s discrete and odorless, and can be taken orally on its own, or mixed with any food. 

It can also be taken in the form of RSO gummies, salve and with coconut oil infused in it.

rick simpson oil recipe

Let’s take a look at his Rick Simpson Oil recipe and what ingredients are you particularly required to make:

Tools and ingredients

  • lb. dried cannabis particularly 1 lb
  • 2 gallons of isopropyl alcohol which would preferably be food graded
  • A large bucket to mix it in, large bowl, and wooden spoon
  • A Cheesecloth 
  • Rice cooker this may be optional
  • 2 plastic Syringes without needles


Step 1: Select a high-quality, that is rich in THC (<15%) cannabis cultivar. Simpson himself recommends a relaxing Indica strain, though patients are welcome to select any strain they prefer or desire. A pound of flower will yield the entire 60 gram, 90-day treatment that Simpson recommends himself

Step 2: Place the whole pound of marijuana and one gallon of alcohol into your large bowl, mixing it gently. After a few minutes of stirring and mixing, the THC will have almost fully dissolved and thawed into the solvent.

Step 3: Pour or empty the solvent, which may till now have a green-hued color, through the cheesecloth and directly into your bowl. The marijuana material can be put and stayed in its bucket because it is still in usable condition.

Step 4: Pour a fresh batch of isopropyl alcohol into the cannabis bucket, stirring gently in a repetition of Step 2 which was performed. 

Step 5: Repeat what you did in step 3, pouring this batch of solvent into the same bowl as the first batch. At this point of the process, you’ve removed virtually all the cannabinoids you can, so the marijuana material can now be discarded. 

Step 6: Place the cannabinoid-infused solvent into your rice cooker. Theoretically, this step is pretty much optional. you could just leave the solvent let the solvent evaporate by itself. But using a rice cooker will eventually speed up the required process. 

Step 7: Guaranteeing your rice cooker stays around 220°F, check the RSO that is soon to be prepared rarely and wait until the solvent evaporation has happened. 

The final product that you have should be thick and dark in color. At such a point, take away your oil from the rice cooker using a plastic syringe without needles perfect for accurate dosing or spatula. 

Now there you go. By making your own Rick Simpson Oil at home, you can ensure product purity and cleanliness and also freshness or maybe even learn a few things or two about the nature of cannabinoids. 

Your RSO can be taken as ingestible or infused in your foods or drinks, topical, or both. It can also be taken within capsules or a suppository or even in the form of candies and gummies. 

Remember to always consult with a physician first before using it, and at all times initiate with a low dose, mostly with such a strong concentrate like RSO itself.

How to use RSO 

For patients with a medical disease, it is always recommended to consult your physician before starting any new treatment routine. 

Still, some physicians may be opposed to cannabis as a course of treatment as it is still not proven to treat cancer permanently. If you choose to use RSO, continue with caution and at your own will. Remember to keep it discrete. 

The taste of the RSO may be to some extent bitter or unpleasant, so patients may desire to swallow the oil by swallowing it directly or mixing it with any type of food, such as bananas, to help mask the taste. Or even mix coconut oil in it. 

It can even take the face of Gummies candies. You can also further learn how to make Rick Simpson hemp oil as RSO comes in many kinds. But always remember to use it with caution and consult with your Doctor first.