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RSO Testimonial

Rick Simpson Oil
Cancer Testimonial

Amazing Journeys of People Recovering from Cancer and Other Various Diseases with the Help of RSO

RSO or Rick Simpson Oil is a full extract cannabis oil. The oil is usually taken orally or in some cases applied topically. 

The oil is used for many different benefits for medical purposes. One of the most important advantages of this product is relieving cancer symptoms. 

Rick Simpson Oil and Cancer

Many patients suggest using this ‘Rick Simpson Oil’ because it may alleviate the condition. A Canadian ‘medical marijuana’ activist actually developed this oil. The oil is named after his name Rick Simpson.

 The developer does not produce high mass oil instead he encourages people to develop their own. As far as the chemicals in the oil are concerned, this cannabis oil is pretty much different from different other cannabis oil. 

It is because it has a high level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Other different cannabis oils differ from Rick Simpson oil because they have little or no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). On the contrary, other oils contain cannabidiol commonly known as CBD. 

Moreover, according to Rick Simpson oil’s official website, they usually use “Cannabis Indica”. 

Research on Rick Simpson Oil

The Canadian activist in 1975, tried cannabis oil after a cannabis-related medical study that tested the use of the oil. 

The study tested cannabinoid in mice with lung cancer and it emerged that the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinol decelerate the growth of cancer in mice. 

Subsequently, many studies were taken involving samples of the animals and the effects of the cannabis oil mostly made of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on cancer growth.

Rick Simpson Oil Cancer Testimonial

There are different cases in which Rick Simpson oil cancer is found to be effective. The following are some of the cases in which some of the patients feel secure and about their personal experience regarding the oil. 

A woman from Willington, Derbyshire County found herself comfortable and experienced fast recovery after using Rick Simpson oil for her treatment. She was more than satisfied with her medical treatment. She further informed that she is getting better day by day and feeling far better without resorting to chemotherapy.

 The woman was diagnosed with breast cancer. Moreover, the doctors were amazed and startled to see that her tumor had shrunk to two-thirds of when she started taking the oil. Proving the benefits of RSO in terms of combatting with cancer.  

Another woman named Linda, also said that maybe someday the cannabis oil could cure someone’s cancer completely. 

She further said that she was astonished after using the same cannabis oil, which derived from a recreational drug and shocked to find out that it is illegal in many other countries. 

 It made her astounded that the oil remarkably helped to shrink aggressive diseases. The tumor after some time became so small that avoided chemotherapy. She even mentioned that was not aware of anything that would do wonders and works so fast and effectively at all but found out that it shrunk by two thirds in an effective time of 5 weeks which was just incredible.

She even evidenced the effects of using the oil by an ultrasound, which showed that it shrunk to a very little amount, and another CT scan which confirmed the fact. Although Rick Simpson oil is made of cannabis oil, she says that it has no addictive qualities at all. 

Also, the woman told that it is freely and legitimately available in shops now near the Derbyshire area but health campaigners are worried because of the stigma of cannabis and marijuana because there is still no medical or scientific evidence that confirms it or suggests the treatment of it.

Scientists and researchers are majorly worried about the addiction problems in the young generation even though there is no study that endorses this point. 

Linda further mentioned that there should be some proper trials of the Rick Simpson Oil on people so that it would benefit many others suffering from the same excruciating pain and similar diseases.  

Also, there should be some further studies and experiments performed that reveals the medical conditions and break the stigma of addiction.

 She said that she acknowledges that cannabis is a lethal drug that could harm the younger generation and everything we read about this drug discerns that it is illegal. People are frightened of using it because of the stigma created by society and doctors not endorsing the facts that it is indeed beneficial. 

She said that she is not the only one using it. Many people are using the drug and no case of addiction has been reported up till now at the present times. The oil tastes so bad and has a foul smell that some consumers and patients recommend to swallow it directly or any other way to use it.

 Others also suggest to mix it with some food, like oatmeal, banana, or any desert.

How to use

The person considering this medication should start with three doses every day. The quantity of each dose must be the size of half rice grain. 

After one week, the dose is doubled to what it was in the first week. After 5 weeks, the patient should take one gram which is equal to 8 or 9 drops per dose until 60 gm. is completed. 

Side Effects

The only side effect consumer faces are mainly sleeping because of cannabis even though it is a good sign, as sleeping is also a healing process.

 Day time sleep would occur more often for the first few weeks. Apart from these, no other symptoms are prominent up till now.