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RSO California

Rick Simpson

The man behind RSO & the history of Rick Simpson Oil​

The man behind RSO – the story of Rick Simpson

The story of RSO basically starts with Rick Simpson, who was an engineer working in a Canadian hospital in the late 1990s. While exterminating asbestos from a poorly ventilated hospital boiler room, Simpson collapsed from inhaling and breathing in toxic fumes.  He went through a head injury with agonizing pain and was knocked unconscious for a while. After his friends rushed him to the hospital, he stayed in the emergency room, but despite getting medical attention, Simpson continued to suffer from constant dizzy spells and a ringing in his ears for years following the major accident that he went through. Simpson’s knowledge and familiarity with unsuccessful pain prescriptions thereafter led him to learn more about cannabis and its fruitful effects. After Simpson queried about receiving medical marijuana from his doctor and was rejected for the treatment, Simpson went on to source and find his own cannabis.  Cheers to his findings, he started to experience the relief he so desperately was in need of. Years after, Simpson was diagnosed with Skin Cancer. Simpson believed that since Cannabis successfully treated his other illnesses, it could alleviate cancer. He then decided to treat his cancer topically with concentrated cannabis. He also made sure and was certain to apply the oil to a strap of bandage that would cover the cancerous spots for many days at a time. In just a few days, the cancerous spots had nearly vanished from his skin.

Who is Rick Simpson?

Rick simpson