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Can You Dab RSO?

Can You Dab RSO?

Popular for its profound therapeutic effects, the RSO oil made out of Cannabis extract is one of the most in-demand concentrates and has made its place in the market for the right reason. The unique properties this concentrate possesses are not only what it is popular for, but the name it carries with History attached to it is also the reason behind its popularity. When we come across the facts of how to use the RSO and what it is used for, we will get to know what an amazing thing RSO is. So, let’s take a ride through what RSO is, how to use it, and understand more about it. 

What is RSO?

RSO is short for the Rick Simpson oil, which is an extract from the Cannabis plant material and can be used for both tropical use and oral consumption. Named after the person who created it, Rick Simpson, who was suffering from Basal cell carcinoma and created RSO intending to cure it. He claims that it came as a surprise that just after four days of use, there was no cancerous cell diagnosed as the experts recommend that when you start, you should start small and slow. A dose that is the size of a grain of rice or even smaller should be used by beginners to get to understand the dozing better. If you think a 0.5 ml syringe is small, then we must tell you that this amount contains almost 35 to 40 doses of the size mentioned above.

How to use them?

How To Use RSO

It is very easy to understand the proper consumption of RSO. You just need to swallow the dose mentioned above. Anyone who wants to know how to consume it can use it with the food or whatever they are eating, like fruit or Salad. You just need to put some oil on it to allow better ingestion of oil and its properties. It is better to take RSO with some food item that has a stronger taste as it has a taste of its own, too. If you don’t want the lingering taste of the sticky RSO, then try it with the food that has stronger flavors. It is always important that the syringe of RSO is stored in a refrigerator where it is in cool and dry condition to keep the RSO safe for a long time, but whenever you are planning to consume it, keep the syringe outside for some time so it turns warm before use. You will notice that it takes almost an hour or two for the effects of RSO to kick in, while the effects last for 4 to 6 hours for an average person. You can ingest the oil 3 to 4 times a day with a minimum gap of 7 to 8 hours for the next dose. You can also check our detailed guide on How to use RSO.

How much should you take?

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Every individual is different from others; hence, the amount of oil that one body can easily ingest and get effective results can be a bit more for someone. Hence, it is important for everyone to start slowly. Trying to reach high doses initially as soon as you start can be a bit dangerous. It is better to start slowly with small doses and build tolerance overtime.It is also critical to take an expert’s advice if you are taking oil as yourand with the minimum dose to allow the body to build tolerance, and then you can slowly increase the dose with time. When taking the oil as a part of the medication Regime, The dose depends on the expert recommendation. Many build the dose up over time, while others take it at a reduced rate, with a drop or two every night before bed just as a maintenance dose.

Using it for topical applications.

RSO is known for its effective topical use as well. It is very popular for the cannabinoids it can offer and is extremely effective on many issues. Whenever you need relaxation from the pain or discomfort and have applied everything possible But did not find the relaxation you will be looking for, then you must definitely try the RSO oil. Start by applying the oil on the skin or the affected area and then cover it with a cloth or bandage. The active cannabinoids that are present in the oil will get absorbed through the skin when kept under prolonged contact, so be careful and try not to Run any heavy machinery or Drive under the influence of this. 

The RSO Cannabis oil

RSO, or the Rick Simpson oil, is created by extracting concentrate from the cannabis plant that contains all the components that the plant has. The presence of these chemical compounds pulled out of the strong Indica strain mix is the best for therapeutic effects. The primary component, THC, is often known for its psychoactive properties, and, together with the other components of cannabinoids, it definitely helps in total relaxation of the body and relief from pain.

Smoking or dabbing are RSO.


It is possible for someone to burn or smoke the RSO and inhale the vapors in a dab. Smoking and dabbing can both be done, but this is not the right way to use the RSO and can potentially be damaging or dangerous sometimes. The solvents with which the RSO is created can sometimes be flammable, and when burning the Rs, the residual solvent might hold a risk of fire.

When flash vaporization is used to Ingest Cannabis, it is known as dabbing. Often, the process is used for flowers or Cannabis materials that are higher in potential, which brings RSO into the category as the potency is quite high and seems right a good concentrate for dabbing. If you are looking for instant relief from stress, anxiety, and nausea, dabbing is the perfect way to get the needed relaxation when the concentration is right. But for your information, this is not the right concentrate that should be used for dabbing. Solventless extracts or clear concentrates are the best when it comes to dabbing. The solvent with which RSO is created can be alcohol-based, making it dangerous for dabbing. Any concentrate that has an alcohol-based solvent like tincture or  ISO wax should always be avoided for dabbing. The right cannabis concentrate, water pipe, nail, dabber, etc., are some of the things that you need to have if you are planning to tab. It would be best if you choose the right cannabis concentrate for dabbing and leave RSO aside, as the intended use of RSO is not meant for dabbing.

The final takeaway-

RSO, also known as Rick Simpson oil has gained a reputation, for its effectiveness. When individuals grapple with symptoms resulting from illnesses or ailments RSO becomes a viable choice to find the relief they seek. The beneficial approach to experiencing RSOs advantages involves consumption or ingestion. You can incorporate it into your food. Opt for application on the affected area for optimal outcomes. Through this method the oil permeates the skin and its active cannabinoids exert their effects primarily targeting the region. People often wonder if smoking or dabbing RSO is safe. While it is technically possible to smoke or dab RSO due to its alcohol based solvent composition it is not recommended for diving into this practice. Burning RSO for dabbing can be extremely hazardous due, to the flammability of alcohol solvents involved. It’s wiser to employ RSO in the manner it was originally intended for.