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The Guide to RSO And It’s Effective Dosage

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You must have probably at the present times heard about the effects of RSO and the amazing effects that it has. How it is used to treat cancer and how many people have benefited from it. RSO named after the man himself who invented it has high level of THC and it is necessary to know about the basics of RSO and the suggested ways of using it.

What is Rick Simpson Oil? 

Commonly known as RSO, Rick Simpson Oil is an unrefined cannabis oil extracted by utilizing ethanol.  The oil contains high concentration of THC, at least at any rate of 20%, and the full scope and range of cannabinoids that are found in the plant cannabis. Normally RSO comes in a single particular syringe with every single syringe comprising of around 600mg of THC.  RSO’s are made with numerous strains and is generally made with Indica plants that are commonly high in THC.

 Final effects and potency may differ dependent on the plants that are used, thus will the color and steadiness of the oil.  The name and the renowned oil RSO named after the man who produced it and first benefited from it.  Rick Simpson claimed and believed that the oil he made treated him of his cancer and alleviated the excruciating pain that he was going through, which was an explanation that drew fury from doctors who invalidated his cases. Regardless, a great many patients do profit by RSO as it gives enormous therapeutic assistance.

How to Use RSO?

On the off chance that you need to utilize RSO for an ailment, it’s consistently a smart thought to look for and seek advice of a clinical expert or a medical professional prior to starting a treatment routine. The issue is numerous doctors are reluctant to recognize the possible advantages of cannabis as a type of treatment even though it is widely recognized to treat patients suffering from cancer or any type of unbearable pain.

If you decide to adhere to the Dosage guidelines suggested by Rick Simpson the man himself in his website, it is better to keep in mind that they have not been medically explored and researched. However they have been utilized by a great many individuals. Dosages can vary from individual to individual contingent upon numerous elements and factors, as well as the potency of the oil. Likewise with any cannabis treatment, continue at your caution and it is advised to proceed at your own discretion.

You can usually find and purchase RSO at your local cannabis dispensary if it is legal in the area or country where you reside. Yet, what are you expected to do with it once you get it? This dark, powerful oil can seem a bit scary at first before trying it, however the technique that majority of the people use to take it is quite simple and easy.

The objective of the Rick Simpson method is to progressively increase the amount of oil consumed each day, in a period of over 90 days.

The Required Dosage Instructions

The First Week

Rick Simpson suggests starting with an amount of three very small doses every day. These doses must be the size of half a grain of rice (1/4 a drop of RSO), which should be taken about at every eight hours. Particularly One dose in the morning, one around noon, and one at night.

Right after the first week, it is recommended to double the amount of the dose by every four days. Many individuals will consume three to five weeks to reach the extreme dosages of one gram of RSO every day.

Weeks 5 to 12

In the following week 5-12 keep consuming one gram per day of RSO up until the full 60 grams are used up. For majority of individuals, that is about 8 or 9 rice-sized doses of the famous RSO taken about every eight hours.

Things to Keep in Mind and To Take Care Of

Keep in mind that highly concentrated whole-plant extracts similar to RSO are not intended to be smoked or otherwise vaped. These kinds of extracts are commonly consumed in one of the following ways that are mentioned below:

  • As a topical applied right to the surface of the skin
  • As a sublingual drop placed under the tongue for the quickest absorption rate
  • It can also be taken as an oral capsule for slower-acting but a longer-lasting results.

The suggested method of regular intake of great amounts of RSO has the potential to bring about some tough psychoactive side effects. But while it is used topically on the surface of the skin, the THC does not go in and get mixed with the bloodstream, and no psychoactive effects will eventually be sensed. You will probably sense or feel the effects of THC when taken or consumed orally, but it is also known as the most effective method for any type of treatment.