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Sleep deprived? Here is how you can get help.

Sleep deprived? Here is how you can get help.

Getting proper sleep is an important part of staying healthy. While we are sleeping, our body is in rest and repair mode. So, it is essential to get the right amount of sleep if you want your body to repair all the wear and tear it goes through all day. Sleep deprivation is a major issue, and when, at a regular time, all the body functions get disturbed, you will start to see the various problems arising in your body. If you’re experiencing persistent sleep deprivation, it’s challenging to cope with the underlying causes and are seeking help to enhance your sleep. You feel extremely tired and Become prone to getting sick much more often. It is essential that you take steps and consult an expert to help you with the condition. You can also start working on this issue at your own level.

Here are a few steps you could take:

Identify the Root Causes:

Try to find out the root causes that are responsible for sleep deprivation in you. Common factors encompass pressure, tension, bad sleep hygiene, lifestyle alternatives, and some other medical conditions. Identifying the basic reason will allow you to target precise areas for improvement.

Add factors that would help in better sleep:

Eating the right kind of food before sleep or getting a hot water bath to wash off all the tiredness will help improve sleep and rest. It is also a very good idea to add Rick Simpson Oil or RSO to your diet To get the perfect relaxation after a hard day. 

Establish a Consistent Sleep Schedule:

Set up a proper schedule for going to bed and waking up at a scheduled time every day. You should follow this schedule every day, even on weekends. When you consistently sleep and wake up at the same time, your body’s sleep cycle will improve.

Create a Relaxing Bedtime Routine:

Develop a pre-sleep ritual to signal your body that it is time to relax. These rituals can include activities like taking a hot bath, indulging in listening to light music or reading a book. You must keep practising relaxation techniques to prepare your body for relaxation.

Prepare a Sleep Environment:

Ensure that the bedroom is ready for you to sleep. Create an ambience that triggers your body to go into rest mode—having a comfortable bed with dim lighting, soft pillows to snug, and no or minimum noise in the room.

Limit Exposure to Screens Before Bed:

The blue light emitted by phone or television screens is not good for your eyes. It not only puts a lot of pressure on your eyes but also disturbs your sleep hormones. You do not feel sleepy after the screen for a long time. The screen mustn’t be looked at or kept aside an hour before your actual sleep time.

Watch Your Caffeine Intake:

Meals are very important in affecting your sleep cycles or resting mode. It is important that you don’t have heavy meals before bedtime and avoid taking in nicotine or caffeine close to your sleep timings. All of these can disturb your sleep cycle and affect your relaxation. Instead, you can replace it with RSO to maintain your sleep cycle and get proper relaxation.

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Exercise Regularly:

Engage in normal physical pastime, but strive to finish exercising at least some hours earlier than bedtime. Exercise can sell better sleep; however, doing it too near bedtime may additionally have the opposite impact.

Manage Stress and Anxiety:

Meditation, respiration-watching exercises, deep breathing techniques, and relaxing music are ways to relax your mind and body. If you are suffering from anxiety or stress, It can be a reason behind your sleep deprivation or interrupted sleep cycles. It is important that you work on your mental health and manage stress and anxiety to be able to have a good night’s sleep.

Limit Naps:

After a workout or an exercise, if you feel tired and are napping around all day, then it is possible that at bedtime, you want to get the urge to sleep. Having a lot of naps, be it a 15- or 20-minute rest throughout the day, will not let your body get exhausted, and the need to rest will not be there at the right time. This can also make you feel sleep-deprived 

Consult a Healthcare Professional:

If, after trying all the home remedies and self-care strategies, the problem of sleep deprivation persists, then it is time that you speak to a Healthcare expert. The medical professional will run various lab tests and will diagnose your issue based on the reports to find the underlying conditions responsible for these sleeping disorders. They will then provide you with the proper treatment and medication that can help you in dealing with the problem.


Sleep deprivation might not seem like a major problem, but when it is persistent and over a long time, it can become a major issue. There are many other medical problems that are connected to your rest and sleeping cycles. If you are sleep-deprived for a long time, then it might affect your other bodily functions, and some other medical issues might arise. If you want to stay healthy, it is important that you work on your sleeping and resting mode as well.