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Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) Shrinks Cancerous Tumor by 47%

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Zeka was diagnosed with abdominal cancer at 51 years of age. The cancer was located in his colon. He began treating the illness and symptoms with pills including medication for the intense pain. At the height of this traditional therapy, he was taking 22 pills a day. He was in a lot of pain, nauseous, and contracting new infections weekly. He also underwent multiple surgical procedures. This is when his son Nemke recommended RSO to his father as an alternative treatment he should try and Rick Simpson oil Buy for his father’s treatment.

Tired of the pain and infections, Zeka agreed to give RSO a chance.

The results of using 1 gram a day of RSO over several months were amazing. Zeka’s cancerous abdominal tumor shrunk in size by 47%.

He no longer needed pain medication and took himself off all antibiotics and medicine. He no longer suffered from multiple infections weekly. And he was infection-free. Zeka also began to have more energy.

Nemke recalls seeing his father struggle with multiple surgeries and long painful recoveries before using Rick Simpson Oil. These surgeries were wearing his father down. The effects of using RSO were dramatic and happened quickly for Zeka.

Nemke’s only regret was that his father did not start with the Rick Simpson Oil protocol earlier, at the time of his diagnosis. He believes the results would have been even better if his father had started RSO use before his cancer had progressed and spread. In retrospect, he wishes Zeka would have started the RSO treatment at the time when the disease was first apparent in his body.

Colon Cancer

Unfortunately, colon cancer is one of the cancers not easily diagnose due to no early symptoms or indicators. From the Mayo clinic website (mayoclinic): “Colon cancer is a cancer of the large intestine (colon), which is the final part of your digestive tract. Most cases of colon cancer begin as small, noncancerous (benign) clumps of cells called adenomatous polyps. Over time some of these polyps can become colon cancers…Many people with colon cancer experience no symptoms in the early stages of the disease. When symptoms appear, they’ll likely vary, depending on cancer’s size and location in your large intestine.”

Benefits of Use of Rick Simpson Oil:

Today Zeka is 58 and traveling around the world. He will be returning to the United States soon and will continue his use of Rick Simpson Oil. Zeka is living a more agile and pain-free life since using Rick Simpson Oil. The quality of his life improved with the use of RSO.

Rick Simpson Oil has not cured Zeka’s colon cancer. It has shrunk the tumor and allowed him to manage the pain. Since his RSO treatments, he has had an improved quality of life. His chronic pain has been relieved. He has more energy and feeling better. And he still has a tumor, but it is much smaller. He believes it was his RSO treatments that were responsible for these positive changes including the reduction in the size of his cancerous tumor.

Rick Simpson, the inventor of Rick Simpson Oil, cured his own skin cancer. In only four days his basal cell carcinoma went. Rick Simpson’s website (phoenixtears): “Rick Simpson has been providing the public with instructions on how to manufacture and use Hemp Oil medications since 2003. The results of his efforts have been nothing short of amazing, for these extracts have relieved a great deal of suffering and have saved the lives of vast numbers who had thought their conditions to be terminal.  Now, people everywhere are using the knowledge he provided, to help them deal with health problems, which our current medical systems seem to be unable to treat in an effective manner.”

Rick Simpson Oil Buy

Rick Simpson Oil derived from the oil from a cannabis plant. The oil has a concentrated amount of THC. RSO has not only been used as an alternative treatment for cancer but other health-related issues as well. It has been used alongside traditional therapies or by itself for treating diseases such as Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s. Rick Simpson Oil has also been reported effective in treating conditions such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, infections, inflammation, asthma arthritis, high blood pressure, and eating disorders.

Zeka has not been able to continue his RSO treatments outside of the United States. He looks forward to returning to California, a state where it is legal to administer Rick Simpson Oil buy so as to resume his RSO protocol. He is hopeful he will continue to control his colon cancer and alleviate its painful symptoms. Rick Simpson oil buy and cure your cancer.

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