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RSO For Pain

RSO For Pain

The rich Simpson oil, or the RSO, is a viscous dark blackish-brown oil that is known for its high potential. It is an extract from the Cannabis plant, which is made by stripping the trichomes from the plant. The trichome has many components, but the most critical component is the cannabinoids and the terpene, which have therapeutic properties that make the RSO rich in providing relaxation. The final product that we get out of it is highly rich in medicinal properties and is a storehouse of healing properties. The high content of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, makes it even more potent and strong in dealing with pain or other severe symptoms and side effects.

A brief history of the origin of Rick Simpson Oil?

A Canadian scientist whose name was Rick Simpson, originally came up with the idea of creating this oil. The RSO Was named after its creator, and the high potential of this oil was originally used to help in the treatment of severe symptoms of skin cancer. Rick Simpson himself was diagnosed with an ailment named Basal cell carcinoma and wanted to find a cure for his ailment. In this Quest to find the Solution to his condition, he researched the properties of cannabis and the different components of the plant. He also worked on finding the impact of THC on cancer cells, and he Looked into all the components separately to find the properties of every component. He then researched the effect of each component on cancer cells, and with all his experiments, he came up with A cannabis extract oil That he used to apply to the skin. His research paid off, and only after applying the oil for four days he reported the disappearance of cancerous cells completely.

How was it made?

rso California

The amazing healing effects of cannabis were captured In this extract, and the Main reason for its popularity to grow overnight was the fact how effective it was on pain and other symptoms of various side effects of severe ailments and diseases. People who were interested in trying out new and different Cannabis products to understand how they worked on their body and what experience they were getting out of it, most of them said that some underlying conditions or different health issues they had seen disappear on consumption of the RSO. Rick Simpson, while working on the different Cannabis plants, cultivated and harvested his own plants and created all the extract from the plants that he had harvested. He basically created the oil extracted from cannabis plant parts that grew under his supervision. All the process of extraction was done by himself. He worked hard in creating the oil  which was named after him. The demand for this oil has been on the rise for quite some time now, but the main reason for considering it as one of the best cures for cancers and other illnesses..

The differences and similarities between Cannabis oil and Rick Simpson oil 

When a certain oil is taken, and cannabis is infused in the oil, then the oil you get after the process is referred to as Cannabis oil. The base oil can be any oil of your choice, like an MCT, Olive, or coconut oil. You need to follow the process of fusing Cannabis into the base oil to create the needed cannabis oil. This is the difference between Cannabis oil and RSO. The Rick Simpson oil is an oily concentrate extracted from the plant and has the essence of cannabinoids separated from the plant to make RSO. Therefore, you will find much more similarity between Cannabis concentrate and RSO than can a base oil and Rick Simpson oil. Also, hash has some similar properties in the way of extraction as the RSO.

However, there is one similarity that you will find between Cannabis oil and Rick Simpson oil, which is a full spectrum oil, which means it contains all the chemical compounds, including the psychoactive compound THC. It is observed that Rick Simpson oil usually has a Higher THC level than the normal Cannabis oil. THC concentrations make the RSO higher in potency than other cannabis oils. This is why RSO is considered a better oil choice when it comes to dealing with high levels of pain.

RSO and pain management

Rick Simpson Oil For Pain

There are many diseases and illnesses that have extreme pain and discomfort as their side effects. The patients who are already suffering from the disease are having a hard time dealing with the disease and its treatment. The side effects of treatment or the disease add more trouble than they are already dealing with. Most of the time, it becomes unbearable for the patient, and they give up all hope to get well. It is important that the patient feel motivated at all times in order to get positive effects from the treatment. If the patient loses hope, even the best doctors and treatments can fall short of completely treating them. However, the patients cannot be blamed for this as they are in so much pain, and being in regular suffering for a long period of time might do this to the mental status of anyone. When they are going through so much trouble every day, it becomes difficult for them to gather motivation and move on with the next day. They start to accept their pain and lose all hope to get well. At this time, cannabis can be very helpful in motivating such people by taking away some of their troubles. 

How is RSO helping?

This is when the Rick Simpson oil comes into play and helps the patient tremendously by reducing the pain to a bearable level and even helps in dealing with other symptoms effectively. This is why many patients suffering from even the most dangerous elements like cancer and lupus find solace in the RSO. Let us see the different conditions in which the RSO can work effectively to provide relief to the patients and instill a new sense of hope in them. 

RSO- how efficient is it?


When you talk to the patients, you will find cancer and its treatment both are a very painful process. The patients have to go through a lot of trouble during this time. It is very easy for the patient to lose all hope when they are dealing with so much pain. The RSO is the only product that can provide the needed relief to help the patient.

Lupus – 

Just like cancer, patients with lupus have to go through a lot of pain and trouble. Being in so much pain for a long can completely break the hopes of the individual of having even one regular day without the pain and discomfort. RSO is meant especially for such cases. Patients consuming RSO will agree that no other medicine can match the relief that RSO can give.

Severe injury- 

There are many severe injury cases where recovery is as painful as the injury itself. The constant pain that the patient is in can even cause depression. RSO can save such cases from any other trouble and instill a sense of hope in the patients that can help them heal better and faster.

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Key notes-

As seen above, we know how RSO is extracted from the cannabis plant and as a combination of different chemical compounds available in the plant that are extremely helpful in providing the medical benefits that people need. It is this combination that makes the RSO an extremely desirable medication for pain relief in conditions where the patient is suffering from severe pain and side effects. This is the reason behind the growing popularity of RSO for pain management.